Evergreen Medical Technologies joins Heraeus

“We are excited to become part of Heraeus,” said Randy Nelson, CEO/Founder of Evergreen Medical Technologies. “Joining Heraeus will allow us to continue supporting the fast growing neuromodulation market with the best technology capabilities of two leading organizations. Both companies share a culture of excellence that will continue to provide customers with great service.”

For more information please visit HeraeusMedicalComponents.com

PhysioTest is a subsidiary of Evergreen Medical and provides complete test services including durability, reliability and materials testing for medical devices. As an independent lab, PhysioTest will serve as your primary, confirmatory and/or overflow test source for pulse generators, leads, catheters, introducers, guide wires, surgical instruments and other medical devices. In addition, PhysioTest performs DVT and pre-DVT requirements and failure mode analysis on medical devices. We bring a deep understanding of clinical conditions and device applications to each and every project to insure you meet your test objectives.

PhysioTest has the experience and equipment to perform a wide range of tests per FDA, CE, ASTM and ISO medical testing requirements. With decades of experience in medical device testing, PhysioTest staff will assist you with test feasibility and design, protocol development, test implementation and results interpretation & reporting. In addition, we are skilled in developing test protocols for devices that do not have test standards in place.

Consider PhysioTest as your independent service to validate your testing or as a source for all your testing needs.