Commonly Asked Questions & Case Studies

Case Studies

We have been a contributor to the development of patient-focused devices that solve clinical challenges:

  • Enable morbidly obese patients to lose weight with catheter based technology.
  • Assist morbidly obese patients to lose weight with implantable device technology.
  • Enable easier stent/graft procedures and earlier fistula use for dialysis patients.
  • Provide a more comfortable therapy from an implantable device for controlling fibrillation and atrial flutter.
  • Allow patients to receive a MRI procedure without potential interruption in biventricular pacing as a result of a newer technology pacemaker lead.
  • Allow more efficient coronary catheter procedures with a unique guide wire.
  • Provide physicians with enhanced cardiac access.
  • Allow enhanced emergency perfusion around blocked arteries.
  • Provide sensation and mobility for acute spinal injury patients through the use of an implantable device.
  • Provide better therapy for chronic back pain and other treatments through the use of novel neurostimulation leads and accessories.
  • Offer more comfort for patients requiring urinary catheterization.

Animal Study Devices

  • Large animal (dogs, pigs, sheep...)
  • Small animals (rabbits, rats, mice)
  • Scaled electrodes and leads
    • Nerve cuff
    • Coil, tip, or ring
    • anchored
  • Datablocks for chronic studies
  • IPG electrode (can mimic)
  • Electronics module

Commonly Asked Questions

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