Evergreen Medical Technologies joins Heraeus

“We are excited to become part of Heraeus,” said Randy Nelson, CEO/Founder of Evergreen Medical Technologies. “Joining Heraeus will allow us to continue supporting the fast growing neuromodulation market with the best technology capabilities of two leading organizations. Both companies share a culture of excellence that will continue to provide customers with great service.”

For more information please visit:  HeraeusMedicalComponents.com

PhysioTest provides complete test services including durability, reliability and materials testing for medical devices.

Evergreen Medical Technologies develops and manufactures active implantable medical devices and provides a full spectrum of product development resources for medical device clients. We are a contract/OEM supplier and are focused on rapid time to market for your next device.

Our expertise allows us to start with a product idea and develop a medical device or technology that solves a clinical issue, reduces cost or improves quality of care.

We have a unique combination of both engineering precision and clinical knowledge that enables us to see solutions others may not.

Engineering Precision

Evergreen has expertise with devices having flow, sensing, stimulating, steering or guide characteristics including:

  • Pulse generators/stimulators
  • Leads, permanent or temporary
  • Catheters, therapeutic or diagnostic
  • Delivery tools including introducers, steerable sheaths, guide wires and stylets

Clinical Understanding

Evergreen's deep understanding of clinical conditions allows us to develop insightful concepts and products to address clinical challenges in the following areas:

  • Neuromodulation
  • Cardiovascular
  • Gastroenterology
  • Urology
  • Other applications